Gut Health Basics

There’s more to gut health than kombucha. The hype around probiotics can be confusing! What really makes a healthy gut?  When it comes to gut health, master these basics before popping supplements. Spoiler: “basics” doesn’t mean easy!  Nutrition  Is it true that “you are what you eat?” Well, you aren’t Oysters Rockefeller, but the food […]

Women, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease

Understanding your risks for brain disorders and how to improve your brain health.  Perhaps you grew up with an elderly aunt who everyone said was “dotty.” Or maybe you lost your grandmother to Alzheimer’s, or are currently dealing with your mother’s gradual slide into dementia. If so, it’s critical that you understand your own risks […]

Explore the Past with Digital Genealogy and Local History Resources

The New Orleans Public Library provides access to a wide range of online resources from your home computer.  Summer is a time to explore, learn new things, and spend time with family. However, in New Orleans, we must always consider the heat, rain, and bugs before planning a fun day. If braving the humidity and mosquitos one […]

On the Go – August 2021

5 THURS  Hey Y’all Art Talk Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Enjoy a deep dive exploring the richness and diversity of Southern art and artists. Registration required. ogdenmuseum.org. Noon–12:30 pm.   6 FRI  Newcomb Pottery Tours Newcomb Art Museum. Enjoy a guided tour highlighting the permanent collection of Newcomb Pottery and the history of the Newcomb Enterprise. Limited to […]


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