Kevin Belton – Accidental Chef

Delighting television audiences across the country is Chef Kevin Belton, with his upbeat personality and big smile, sharing the spirit of New Orleans with his viewers and telling them how easy it is to make his mouth-watering recipes. He’s a natural-born entertainer and literally larger than life, standing at six-feet nine-inches.  “Never in my dreams […]

Get-Aways Within Quick Reach of New Orleans

Tired of traveling from your couch, but not yet ready to go far afield? Alternately called a “Dream State” and the “Sportsman’s Paradise,” Louisiana is undoubtedly a state rich with many options for the day tripper in need of a fresh venue and light exercise. It’s easy to forget that many of the wildlife preserves, […]

5 Cocktails with New Orleans Connections

Try making one of these NOLA inspired cocktails at home. Sazerac Named by the State Legislature “New Orleans’ Official Cocktail,” this surely deserves to be #1 on our list!  Invented in the French Quarter in 1870, this cocktail was named for the bar where it was created, which in turn had been named for a […]