From the Editor – January/February 2021

As a local music lover, I’ve long enjoyed the artistry of our Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and the dynamic conducting of Carlos Miguel Prieto, who is the focus of our cover story. Prieto is truly inspirational, leading not only ours, but another three orchestras as music director. His passion is palpable and leaves us little doubt that our LPO will rebound brilliantly this year. 

I’ll be the first to admit that my healthier habits have fallen by the wayside this past year. My backslide started in February with a nasty illness that I now attribute to COVID-19. Once recovered, I continued to feel lackluster. Those feelings turned to depression, and I placated my lonely, quarantined self with ice cream, pizzas, and such. I’ve been digging myself out of that hole – thankfully – eating more sensibly again and feeling better mentally, walking the neighborhood for exercise. 

Luckily, vaccines are here! I took my dad for his shot last week at Walgreens; downloading and completing his form in advance to take with us made the process seamless. Laura Claverie also found her Ochsner vaccine trouble-free, and in her article encourages everyone to get theirs. 

Assuming that I’m not the only one who is looking to improve their health through better nutrition, we invited Maria Terry, Ochsner nutritionist and point person for their Eat Fit Nola program, to write about how she sees nutrition evolving in 2021.  

Last, we recognize the mental strain everyone has felt due to social distancing and worry. No one should suffer in silence; see the list of free, local mental health resources that are only a phone call away.  

Because, after all, we each are responsible for our own healthy outlooks and keeping ourselves well for our loved ones. 

Thoughtfully yours, 

Trevor Wisdom 

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